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Saginaw Wedding Photographer SVSU Engagement Session

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Saginaw Wedding Photographer 

Being a Saginaw wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of telling many SVSU love stories. And because of that, Saginaw Valley State University is my go-to photoshoot location for Saginaw engagement sessions and family portraits.

SVSU Love Stories 

Saginaw wedding photographer engagement on SVSU campus

Since I was a SVSU love story myself, SVSU love stories have a special place in my heart. In fact, Saginaw Valley State University is a place that is very special to many of my couples. I know Natalie from SVSU’s Roberts Fellowship Program. We travelled to Japan, China and Taiwan for two weeks together back in 2017. Since then, this special bond between us has made us like family. Natalie is so sweet, smart, thoughtful and adventurous! As you can image, I was thrilled to hear that she got engaged!     

Natalie & Skylar

Both Natalie and Skylar are SVSU alumni and they met at a school function in Frankenmuth five years ago. They love traveling and creating fun experiences—a great part of any college experience and their relationship really blossomed as Cardinals together. This July, Skylar proposed and, on August 30th, they celebrated their 5th anniversary together, not just as boyfriend and girlfriend, but as fiancé and fiancée!

My husband once asked me if I could see the chemistry between two people when I photograph them for the first time. I rarely give this any thought because the couples that I have worked with all have such fairy tale relationships! You can tell when you look at the photos that the couples are glowing with happiness when they are around each other. Certainly all couples have disagreements and difficulties, but I have been blessed to work with couples that are deeply and madly in love. When I see a perfect match, I just know it! You see it in their eyes when they look at each other. And Skylar and Natalie are so perfect together. 

Did you fall in love on the campus of Saginaw Valley State University? I would love to help tell more of SVSU love stories! If you are considering the Conference Center at SVSU as your wedding venue, make sure to check out their beautiful Founder’s Hall.

View my favorite photography locations on SVSU campus: HERE

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