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Saginaw Senior Portrait Photographer 4 Tips for Picking The Perfect Senior Picture Outfits

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Saginaw Senior Portrait Photographer

As a Saginaw senior portrait photographer, I noticed how most high school seniors don’t know how to pick their senior photo outfits. Last weekend, I had so much fun photographing Abby’s senior portrait session at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.To my surprise, Abby picked out the PERFECT fall outfits for her senior photos and that really made the whole experience fun and fabulous! So I want to take this opportunity to share a few tips for choosing the RIGHT outfits for more high school seniors in Saginaw, Bay City, Freeland and Midland!

Senior Photo Outfit Ideas for Girls

Tip #1 Dress in Layers 

First, dress in layers. Not only does this serve a practical purpose in the cooling weather of fall in Michigan, but it creates a more dimension to your images and gives you more posing options! Girls, trust me-you can never go wrong with long wool coats! Many people have a common misconception about matching colors. They think matching means wearing everything the same tone. WRONG! Instead, choose colors that ‘complement’ each other. I absolutely love how Abby coordinated the colors of her coat, skirt and hat! Every piece of clothing works so perfectly!  

Tip #2 Mix and Match Textures

If you regularly read my blog, I am always thinking about colors. However, it is also important to think about the textures of the fabric in the clothes that you choose. When it comes to senior picture outfits, mixing and matching different textures can really help create your unique look and style. 

Tip #3 Your Accessories Say A Lot About You

Finally, always think about your accessories! Because the accessories you choose say a lot about your personality! Pick some fun, bold or meaningful necklace, earrings, hats, belts, rings, scarves to go with your senior picture outfits. Not only do these add some flair to your look, but they also serve as props that can really show off your distinct personality. Not sure what to do with your hands? Accessories can help with that!

Tip #4 Don’t Forget To Prep Your Dog!

I am a dog mom myself so I ALWAYS encourage my clients to include their dogs in any photo shoot that I do! While you are busy preparing for your outfits, make sure that you prep your dog so that they have their own look and bonus points if they match your outfits too! I was so excited that Abby brought Jojo along. Look how Jojo’s vest matches Abby’s skirt!!! 

Hopefully, these senior photo clothing tips will help you have a successful senior photo shoot as well! 2020 might be a difficult year for all of us and, while it might not be a normal senior year, many high school seniors are well into their final year and getting ready to make that daunting leap into adulthood. Or at least getting ready to take another step in that direction. That also means that it is the perfect time to capture some lasting memories of this final year in high school with some gorgeous senior photos! Schedule a senior session with me HERE

If you are looking for outfit ideas for family portraits, make sure to check out Family Beach Photos at Bay City State Park!  

Abby’s Wardrobe

Plaid Skirt // Von Maur

Long Wool Coat in Camel // Von Maur

Light Brown Felt Hat // Meijer

Brown Boots // Target

White Polka Dot Dress // Altar’d State

Recommended Shops for Senior Picture Outfits 


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