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Saginaw Engagement Photos on SVSU Campus Photo locations on SVSU campus

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Saginaw Engagement Photos

Looking for inspirations for Saginaw engagement photos? You are in the right place! As a Saginaw wedding photographer, Saginaw Valley State University is one of my favorite portrait locations. From small ponds and wooded walks, to famous sculptures and interesting architecture, SVSU has it all!

Why Saginaw Valley State University Campus?

Personally, SVSU will always have a special place in my heart. To begin with, Brian and I met and fell in love while working on this beautiful campus. Also, it’s just a photogenic location that has an amazingly manicured landscape along with unique sculptures and architecture.

Students, alumni, and faculty at Saginaw Valley State University are well aware that the campus is a hidden gem in the tri-city area. In fact, it has been one of my “go to” locations for anything from engagement sessions to graduation photos. As long as you avoid the middle of the day or football games, it isn’t too crowded. With easy parking and a wide variety of settings in a relatively small area, it’s an easy win. So, let’s take a look at some of my favorite spots.

Founder’s Hall

First, the Founder’s Hall! This is actually a very popular venue for wedding ceremony. You can see it in the back of the parking lot across from Wickes Hall. In addition to the natural backdrop, there are numerous benches and large trees nearby.

Marshall Fredericks Museum

Saginaw wedding photographer engagement on SVSU campus

Next, take a walk around the Marshall Fredericks Museum! The willow trees that hang over the pond are works of art themselves!

SVSU Main Entrance

Finally, get some epic shots at the Main Entrance! The main entrance to SVSU is off of Bay Road and anyone familiar with the university will be well familiar with the arch with the university name on it. The north side of the entrance provides a nice walk through some natural grasslands and woods for a more natural setting.

In general, SVSU’s campus has a lot to offer in terms of campus engagement photos. From well-kept red brick buildings to artistic sculptures, I am often surprised that I don’t see more people using this as a photography location.

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Wanna see more of SVSU beautiful spots? This video SVSU Campus from the Air might be helpful! 


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