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Compare The Best Michigan Outdoor Wedding Venues in 3 Minutes TOP 10 Michigan Outdoor Wedding Venues: Which One is Right for You?

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Michigan outdoor wedding venues vary in capacity, cost, location and style. In general, the most popular outdoor venues are beaches, gardens, golf courses, backyards, forests, farms and historic property or B&B. Of course, each venue has its own unique character, vibe and aesthetic. After traveling throughout Michigan to photograph outdoor weddings, I put together a list of the Top 10 Michigan Outdoor Wedding Venues for nature-loving brides. My hope is to help you choose the ideal wedding venue in minutes! After all, picking a venue that will best meet your needs might be easier than you think.

Which Venue Aligns With Your Wedding Vision?

First of all, a useful rule of thumb is to choose a venue that aligns with your wedding vision. If you are planning a relaxed intimate wedding, look at venues with more natural elements. These can beaches, forests, backyards. Alternatively, beautifully manicured gardens, mansions and castles will be ideal for a grand and regal celebration. When it comes to interior, pay attention to these elements below if you are a fan of light and airy photography.

  • Clean and Neutral Palette
  • White Walls
  • Concrete Floors
  • Vaulted Ceilings

Location, Location, Location

Next, when choosing among all the Michigan outdoor wedding venues, you should factor in your guest count, catering, and location. In fact, logistics for wedding guests and vendors is often overlooked. A perfect venue gives you and your guests space and access to save time and energy! Ideally, having your ceremony and reception at the same location is the most convenient. If not, provide an unforgettable shuttle between the ceremony and reception locations.

Now, check out the Michigan Wedding Venue Map for an in-depth breakdown of the top venues that are all over Michigan.

best Michigan outdoor Wedding Venue Map

Wedding Venues in Southeast Michigan

  1. Pine Knob Mansion

TOP 10 Michigan Outdoor Wedding Venues Pine Knob Mansion

-Location // Clarkston, MI

-Venue Style // garden, contemporary, elegant, grand

-Guest Count // Up to 150 Guests

Pricing // starting from $90 per person


  1. Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club

TOP Michigan Outdoor Wedding Venues Shepherd's Hollow Golf Club

-Location // Clarkston, MI

-Venue Style // pine forest, glamorous, modern, bold

-Guest Count // Up to 350 Guests

Pricing // starting from $27,000 per event


  1. Waldenwoods Resort & Conference Center

Waldenwoods wedding by Chinling Photography

-Location // Howell, MI

-Venue Style // lakeside, romantic, natural, picturesque  

-Guest Count // Up to 250 Guests

-Pricing // starting from $65 per person

  1. The Oakley

-Location // Holly, MI

-Venue Style // green house, pond, classic, quaint, bright

-Guest Count // Up to 250 Guests

-Pricing // starting from $13,000 per event

  1. 2Gather More

Michigan wedding venue 2Gather More Auburn Hills bridesmaids

-Location // Auburn Hills, MI

-Venue Style // woodland, ballroom, elegant, inviting, thoughtful

-Guest Count // Up to 150 Guests

-Pricing // starting from $7,400 per event

Wedding Venues in Mid-Michigan

  1. The H Hotel

-Location // Midland, MI

-Venue Style // courtyard, chic, classic, luminous

-Guest Count // Up to 250 Guests

  1. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bay City – Riverfront

-Location // Bay City, MI

-Venue Style // riverfront, glamorous, charming, elegant  

-Guest Count // Up to 480 Guests

-Pricing // $400 for ceremony

  1. Dow Garden

Dow Garden wedding ceremony

-Location // Midland, MI

-Venue Style // garden, relaxed, intimate, organic, vibrant

-Guest Count // Up to 200 Guests

-Pricing // $600 for ceremony

Wedding Venues in Southwest Michigan

  1. Greencrest Manor

Greencrest Manor wedding bride and groom (Image by Greencrest Manor)

-Location //Battle Creek, MI

-Venue Style // countryside chateau, bed and breakfast, romantic, magical, opulent

-Guest Count // Up to 200 Guests

-Pricing // starting from $18,000 per event

Wedding Venues in Northern Michigan 

  1. Castle Farms

Michigan outdoor wedding venue Castle Farms

-Location // Charlevoix, MI

-Venue Style // castle, garden, regal, breathtaking, dramatic, charming

-Guest Count // Up to 350 Guests

-Pricing // starting from $6,500 for ceremony


Finally, if you are considering an indoor wedding venue, check out Planterra Conservatory in Bloomfield, Michigan! Good luck finding your dream venue! Feeling overwhelmed? Send a message to me and I would love to help! 



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