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available throughout Michigan

drone photography

it all began with a dream.

Why would you want to miss out on those grand cinematic shots from the air on THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE?

“You wouldn’t.”

It is your wedding day and your love story definitely DESERVES to be told in an epic way. 

Don’t be afraid to invest in what is important to you.


You Are Hiring a Pilot - Not Just Another Photographer

-photos only-

Hourly Rate / 300 USD

Includes flight planning for a single location (usually the ceremony or reception), a licensed pilot, and flight insurance on-site, 5 aerial images per hour and post-production editing services. Up to 3 hours of coverage.

-video only-

Raw 2-minute Aerial Footage / 175 USD

The pilot would be capturing the same footage listed in the above photo-only section but as full-quality 4k video.


Hourly Rate / 400 USD

5 Aerial Images per hour + 2-minute Aerial Drone Footage.

-all packages include-

Pre-flight planning, airspace research required for your requested flight location(s), as well as travel and insurance for the flight to ensure compliance with FAA regulations.  Filing any necessary flight plans for approval by the FAA & coordinating with photographer to develop shot list. Travel fees might apply for flights originating more than 100 miles outside of the 48623 zip code.

-important notes-

Drones don’t record audio nor can they be used for closeups. All of our flights are 100% fully refundable if; 1) federal airspace restrictions conflict with your requested flight location, or 2) weather prohibits flight activity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

who is this service for?

While we primarily work with couples as part of engagement and wedding shoots, the sky is the limit when it comes to drone photography! It’s a great way to capture large family reunions and important for real estate agents. We can even help with home inspections and more!

Is the flight refundable?

All of our flights are 100% fully refundable if; 1) federal airspace restrictions conflict with your requested flight location, or 2) weather prohibits flight activity. Should weather present a cause for concern, our team will alert you in the days leading up to your scheduled flight as part of our pre-flight communications. 

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, then 100% YES!

Picture this: your love story begins with a panoramic aerial view of your awe-inspiring wedding venue and the breathtaking scenery beyond…

Such an epic aerial shot can also serve as an unforgettable cinematic intro to a wedding video. A fly-over footage capturing you walking down the aisle to the love of your life in all its glory and splendor.

what to expect on the flight day?

On the flight day, our Pilot will arrive onsite 45–60 mins prior to your scheduled flight time. Upon arrival, the Pilot will:

  • Do a pre-flight walkthrough of the venue to identify any potential obstacles & set up a safe take-off/landing zone.
  • Prepare for take-off including equipment check and evaluation of weather conditions.
  • Coordinate with the Photographer and capture photo/video based on your shot list.