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Canon EOS R6 Review : A Michigan Fall Backyard Wedding Canon EOS R6 Sample Wedding Images

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Canon EOS R6 Review : A Michigan Fall Backyard Wedding

Before I got my hands on the Canon EOS R6, I had been Googling ‘Canon EOS R6 Review’ like crazy. After using the Canon 5D Mark iii for a couple of years, I didn’t hesitate to jump in and invest in a mirrorless camera for my clients. Since Canon first released the Canon EOS R6 this July, a lot of photographers have been raving about the Canon R6 being the best camera for wedding photography.

For those who are curious about the hands-on experience shooting weddings with the Canon R6, here is a sample gallery from a Michigan fall backyard wedding!

This backyard wedding was a small and intimate family affair with most of the work, from the catering to the flower arrangements done by the large and supportive family of the bride.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Julia and Kyle had to change their venue from the original location at Crystal Gardens Banquet Center (Howell) to Julia’s parents property near Grand Rapids. Despite this change, it was a wonderful event!

After photographing this wedding, I decided to share my hands-on review on Canon R6. Below are some of my reasons why I LOVE this camera.

Lighter and Smaller Camera Body (598g vs. 765g)  

My first impression of the Canon EOS R6 is how it is much lighter than the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. After a long day of shooting, I always came home with wrist pain, back pain, and shoulder pain. Even though my camera strap from BlackRapid helps relieve the strain on my back, my hands always aches at the end of a wedding day. With my Canon R6, surprisingly, I don’t feel any wrist or back pain like I usually do! This is absolutely one of my favorite things about this camera!

Faster and Sharper Focus

I actually ordered the Canon R6 back on its release date of July 9th, 2020. I ordered it from B&H Photo Video but it got backordered and didn’t arrive until TWO DAYS before this wedding. It is nerve-racking to photograph a real wedding with a brand new camera, but I really wanted to give it a try.

For those wedding photographers who are still trying to learn how to navigate Canon R6, I would recommend that they watch Katelyn James’ videos on Photographing a Real Wedding with the Canon EOS R6 and Setup My Canon R6 for Wedding Photography. Like she mentioned in the video, the ‘Touch & Drag AF Settings’ totally changed how I compose photos. It is just amazing how we can tap and focus any point on the whole screen.

The camera is also much faster and more accurate when it comes to focusing. This feature can make a big difference during important moments like ceremony, first look and first dance. 

Editing Time-Saver   

By far, my favorite thing about the camera is-the ability to see what the final image will look like on the rear screen. You have no idea how much time it saves me to take test shots to adjust settings. Most importantly, it’s much easier to cull the images. And it also saved me backend editing time. I definitely improved my post-processing workflow because of this feature!

Overall, I am in love with Canon EOS R6 and will recommend it to every wedding photographers! Enjoy the sample gallery! If one gallery is not enough, HERE is another wedding I shot with Canon EOS R6!

If you want to read on more Canon EOS R6 reviews, here is one blog I find it quite helpful: Canon EOS R6 Advanced Manual by Wim Arys Photography. You are also welcome to share your personal experience with Canon R6 in the comments below!


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